Be Practical: Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Modern kitchen interior with green plants on background

Kitchen remodeling can be ridiculously costly but only if you don’t consider the cheaper alternatives. Cabinet refinishing is one approach to save on the cost of remodeling. Instead of pulling down your cabinets, you can give them a facelift by covering the visible surface and replacing the knobs or any other attached hardware. You can replace missing cabinets; fix a broken door or drawer to make the cabinets usable.

Refinishing vs. buying new cabinets

It will take you several weeks to get rid of your old cabinets and replace them with brand new ones. But refinishing is a fast and easy process so you’ll only have to hire contractors for a day or two which lowers the labor costs. If you factor in the cost of hiring a plumber to work on the new sink that you will have to install when buying new cabinets, you should expect to spend five to eight thousand dollars on a kitchen cabinet replacement project. Refurbishing costs less and provides you with a myriad of design options if you want to completely change the look of your kitchen cabinets.

Protect your environment

One of the main reasons why kitchen cabinet refinishing makes a lot of sense is that it helps to reduce waste. There’s no need to replace your cabinets if they are in proper condition. Not only will you be wasting time and money on unnecessary project but you may also be contributing to environmental pollution through accumulation of hazardous wastes.

Choose from a myriad of finishes

You’ll have so many finishes at your disposal if you decide to refinish the kitchen cabinets. You can apply real wood veneers like maple to mimic the look of high-quality wooden surfaces. You can choose a veneer that mimics a high-end grain of wood to give your kitchen a classy look. Glass kitchen cabinet doors are also a great alternative especially if your space is small and you want to create the illusion of a much larger kitchen.

Avoid the complexities of a new installation

New kitchen cabinets are not just expensive to install, but due to the length of time they may take to install, you may have to find an alternative space to use for preparing and taking meals. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a process that takes just a few days, if performed by qualified cabinet refinishing Cary NC contractors, so you and your family can quickly go back to your daily routine.

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